Yhteinen ilmamme Helsinki, drone photo Yhteinen ilmamme Helsinki,  Finlandiatalo dronesta kuvattuna

Our Shared Air Helsinki

In Helsinki, air quality is better than in many cities in Europe, but air pollutants cause health damage here, too.

Our daily choices affect the quality of the air we share in the city.

Children, asthmatic people of all ages and elderly people with coronary artery disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are particularly sensitive to the health effects of air pollution. However, the effects of air quality impact all of us.

What we are breathing?

Traffic emissions

Nitrogen dioxide levels rise significantly in the busy streets of Helsinki at peak times.

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Road dust

Up to 40% of city residents suffer from symptoms caused by road dust in the spring.

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Wood burning and fine particles

Almost half of the particulate emissions from combustion come from small-scale wood burning.

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Impact air quality

Air quality is better in Helsinki than in many cities in Europe, but the levels of air pollutants in the air can rise significantly here, too. Emissions from transport, road dust and fine particles and fine pollutants from wood burning are released into the air at breathing altitude and may pose serious risks to human health.

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